Why Does Online Marketing Fail?

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Why Your Online Marketing Fails and What to do About It
Data Source: CENTURY 21; Market Leader; CENTURY 21 Hawaiian Style


♦The 99 – 35 – 1 Rule.

99% of the people looking at your property listing online are not interested in that specific property and are not going to contact you about it.
35% of the people looking at your property listing online are interested in other real estate.
Your online marketing is going after only 1% of the market!


♦The REAL goal of online marketing.

The goal is to give buyers valuable information with multiple reasons and ways to contact you about real estate, not just a particular listing. 99% of the people that look at a listing online are not going to click for more information or make contact with you to get more information because they decide for whatever reason that it is not the home for them. But, of the 99%, what about the estimated 35% of people that will be buying a home in the short or long term and need help finding the home of their dreams?! There is no reason why you can’t offer them your expertise and services. Your online marketing MUST get this MUCH LARGER group of future buyers to contact YOU if you want a chance at getting a healthy share of online leads.


Here at CENTURY 21 Hawaiian Style, we believe in a more holistic approach to marketing. Of course, your digital presence matters greatly, but without the other pieces to the puzzle which include a solid understanding of farming, a strong global networking base, professional marketing and CRM platforms, and hands-on mentorship, achieving success can be harder than it should be.